In cooperation with our partner, Arbor Energy Solutions, we implement these efforts by:

  • Installation of solar collectors and power investors.

  • Partnering with AscenTrust, LLC in the design of power storage technology in the form of batteries taken from lithium cells.

  • Assisting in the development of modular power generation units relying on nuclear pebble bed technology as an alternate use for decommissioned nuclear facilities.

  • Accommodating to the implementation of wind energy as a result of being located near to one of the U.S.' largest ports for wind power materials.

  • Obtaining engineers capable of incorporating geothermal energy conservation designs to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Technology

Both investment in research and in implementation of renewable energy technologies play an important role in what we do here at Scarborough Industries, Inc. From solar power to nuclear energy, we are dedicated to investing in long-term, next-generation energy technology to improve environmental sustainability.