Investing in our world's future through management of energy solutions, Scarborough Industries, Inc. is on the forefront of development in next-generation energy technology. We offer more than financial backing to our efforts; we also provide a wide-range of services, expertise, and the partnerships necessary to push our company to the top of the energy technology sector. Our company has adopted an uncompromising corporate commitment to ______, _______, _____, and ______ as our guiding principles. 

Founded in 1992, Scarborough Industries began specializing in sub-contracting in the commercial and industrial markets. Since then, our company has expanded to include efforts to provide clean, sustainable energy to communities far and wide.   

These efforts are made possible by bringing together three market-leading companies with complementary capabilities and significant strategic interests in the development of energy technology. These three companies, along with our portfolio companies, make Scarborough Industries, Inc. one of the world's most active technology ventures.